An Honest Man

There’s but a few

Not too few to mention 

Not something new

You can feel the tension 

Dare take a stand 

Invite that honest fate

Hold torch in hand 

Diogenes cynically great 

“I am looking for a man

I am looking for an honest man.”


Trust Me

I have learned to lean in and smile while placing one hand on my balls and tother on my wallet whenever I hear the utterance of those words… 

Never once giving up that great deception. 

It’s like back in the day on the stage of youth when most teachings came at extreme cost that I eventually learned that  if someone were telling me how honest they are;
 I was actually in the process of being robbed. 

Similarly these days when people tell me how spiritual they are I run.



The world is  changing 
You can hear it 

Grinding on its gears 

Whispers spitting shouts of something like discord however much more painful

I fear this will not end well and differently than most suspect 

I welcome the change embrace it really 

Hoping my daughter will experience the transference