These Creatures

I have witnessed these creations… These creatures that are your children; with movies playing in their heads, recreating damaged childhoods, real or imagined.

Replaying the drama over and over again! UNTIL…

They are the Hero and some poor unsuspecting bastard they happen to run into is cast in the Villians role and hell hath no drama like a tweaker/drug addict/alcoholic, in the grips of a delusional vengeance play!

Or, this has been my experience.

Dennis Mantin

Far and Few

The sleep did come in bunches, with no time for dreams inside.

I was betting on some hunches, on a tip from friends who hide.

They are lurking in the shadows, but I always take their call.

They caution when they’re nervous, they prepare for when they fall.

I’ve been working at the ready, banking what I can.

But the monkey on my back is harsh and not part of any plan.

But at last I feel well rested, I’m not planning something new.

I’ll keep the faith and plan each step and trust in far and few.

Dennis Mantin

The Birthday

My sister has a birthday.

She don’t celebrate no more.

Something bout the old and grey.

Has silenced her Birthday roar.

I would wish her Happy Birthday.

But she won’t talk to me.

And I don’t take it personal.

I just let her be.

Dennis Mantin


There is something in the distance.

I can’t see but I can hear.

A murmur or a whimper.

Words are faint, they call me ‘Dear.’

More a feeling than pure certainty.

It might be in my mind.

Or maybe its a cry for help.

From the valley of the blind.

I guess I’ll just keep looking…

Keep my ears pinned to the ground.

There is something There I’m certain.

That still asks for me around.

Dennis Mantin

The Damaged Few

Its been awhile, I miss you lots. Lots of things to tell.

A painful truth about your girl, she’s not doing well.

I really tried to ease her pain but I think she likes the way.

I’ve heard it all, can’t take the call. There’s nothing left to say.

It’s just a test, not all is blessed, but that’s not hard to tell.

I now know what you knew then and the sad like rain it fell.

My girl she is the world to me, I tell her what I knew.

No more secrets hide away except the damaged few.

Just a note, I love you Mom, I know you couldn’t stay.

I understand not all is planned… It just feels that way.

Dennis Mantin