The Madness

The Madness of a quiet still Sunday morning, no longer has sway with me. Just past sunrise they lie sleeping… All except Ned the cat who seems content with brushing up against me.

I have almost 2 decades of dare I say, “Clarity.”

Dealing with the madness of life head on; one day at a time, one step at a time. In spite of all of this; mistakes were made. I don’t dwell on these, I just take the lesson, acknowledge not to repeat and move on.

Dennis Mantin

All Sacred Ground

Bosch said, ” It’s all sacred ground… Doesn’t matter where you find it, in an unmarked grave or under a fancy stone… It’s all sacred ground. “

Dylan said, “If the Bible is right, the world will explode.”

I don’t have anything further to add except I believe we are very privileged just to be here…

Dennis Mantin


It took time to see the setback as a gain. I no longer see these details as victories or defeat…

One day at a time has transformed into- Every day is a victory of life and experience not to be mistaken for something trivial.

There is peace in the valley… finally!

Dennis Mantin

The Crank

I feel it before I speak.

Nothing good is coming…

H.A.L.T. I ask myself if I am any of these things? (Hungry-Angry-Lonely-Tired)? I am all of these things.

I will grind it out and shut up until this passes.

I think about what George said years ago… “We talk about loneliness so seldom that H.A.L.T. could be referred to as H.A.T.”

Dennis Mantin


I remember my mother at certain times would stop speaking with one person or another or wouldn’t shop at a particular store for reasons that were not quite clear to me, for I was a child… However I did realize that she had her reasons.

I also remember during my adolescent phase, which perhaps lasted longer than it should have, where my opinionated unwarranted expressions caused great offense; and I would leave with the knowledge that I had created some hurt feelings , however not necessarily knowing what they were.

Later I learned that even a fool who remains silent can appear wise.

Lately it has come to my attention that asking someone a question can brush up against their sensitivities and cause a reaction not dissimilar to how my mother responded.

I am beginning to understand why certain individuals in society become reclusive in their later years.

I have determined I will not take this path going forward due to the fact that its too predictable and I don’t know if I could live without the human entertainment value.

Dennis Mantin

The Sleep

The sleep it came in bunches.

In groups the way things do.

It’s more or less a given.

Not meant for me and you.

You and I have been through that.

We take it as it flows.

Most days I wake up tired.

And that’s how the story goes.

Dennis Mantin

Roxborough Jack

This is Jack who I just met while we were filming some scenes for a movie in his Roxborough neighborhood.

I told Jack he had a lovely neighborhood and asked him how long he’s lived here…

Jack answered, “101 years.”

I asked him if I could have a photo and he took off his hat and pulled his hair to show me he didn’t have a hair piece.

He asked me what my job in the production was and I told him I was a driver for about 25 years.

Jack looked me over and said before walking away, “You look like you could be the president of the company. “

“God bless you Roxborough Jack!”

Dennis Mantin