The Fixer

They took me to the fixer.

She said, “Your choice is yours to choose.”

“Avoid spirits and elixir?”

“You don’t want to light that fuse.”

The Fixer is Cameleon.

Shifting mists amidst the smoke.

But don’t laugh at her comedian.

Because he can’t take a joke.

I’m learning things like politics.

False information and throw a curve.

I ran it by the fixer.

But she’s on her last nerve.

They yelled, “Take me to your leader!”

And they all looked at me.

The Fixer packed up for the coast.

Needs a vacation by the sea.


Thet took me to the fixer.

They said I couldn’t lose.

She said, “You are so sick, Sir!”

Now, the fixer has the blues.

Dennis Mantin


I was lying in the fetal.

Lost in thoughts I shouldn’t show.

I was wondering what the world was now.

So much more than I could know.

I still hear all their anger.

So much love they say they lost.

I’m not saying I don’t feel for them.

But their brains have all been tossed.

They’ve been drinking into morning’s.

And the months have turned to years.

I think that I should get up now.

Such a slippery slope, those tears.

Dennis Mantin

Destruction Destroy

Destruction of society.

They seemed to have a plan.

Bringing down the patriarchy.

Can’t say that I’m a fan.

There is something set in motion.

There’s a crash that’s going to bend.

All that happy, joyful cheering.

All that smiling is going to end.

Just be careful what you pray for.

Just in case your dreams come true.

There is something fast approaching

I don’t think you’ll like this new.

Dennis Mantin

Tapping In

I was tapping in, to something…

There was music in the air.

No one else was hearing anything.

They tapped out on the chair.

There was no win in winning.

Just a shot at living life.

An experience on world spinning.

I joined that club without a wife.

There’s no moral to the story.

There’s a chance that things will change.

Just riding out the glory.

With a taste for good and strange.

Dennis Mantin

Watching & Tuning Smiles

I see them in the alley, smoking cigarettes and drinking beer as a sliver of sunlight stretched through the maples to greet them.

I had my time, long passed through the mists of time; not much sunlight stretched there. No more judgments from me for them or me. I’m just doing things differently now…

I tuned her guitar today and got new strings. She called from the bus to ask if that got done and smiled when I said “yes”

Maria smiled at me as I passed her in the alley and said, “Say hello to your daughter for me.”

Dennis Mantin


An hour before daybreak.

I was dreaming something, I forgot.

Or maybe I’m just refusing.

To get up and take the shot.

There was screaming in the distance.

For a sun that’s going to rise.

It seems like sad resistance.

I think I’ll try to close my eyes…

Dennis Mantin


I have taken

Have not forsaken

So much more than I can use.

Blaming needy.

Just plain old greedy.

What’s that thing that weepers lose?

Finders keepers

Losers weepers.

Can’t be the drinkers. It’s the booze.

I have stolen.

Fat purses swollen.

I’m not losing, I refuse!

Dennis Mantin

Geek Love

I finished off the story.

They are talking love and geeks.

No weakness, gains, or glory.

In this world of circus freaks.

Oly, Al, and Chickadee.

Crystal Lil, the simese twins.

Arturo has his madness.

And his groupies and his fins.

I’m kinda glad it’s over.

Cause it’s summertime outside.

I’ll be rolling in the clover.

Too much time was spent inside…

Dennis Mantin