The charm is being doled out.

The healing has begun.

The smiles are now warming…

Their eyes have twinkled at the sun.

It’s Mr and its Mrs.

They’re riding on that horse.

The one that’s blowing kisses.

Without the use of force.

We sure are going to miss them.

You can almost hear their thoughts.

Their fears have all lost their masks.

Their stomachs are in knots.

I think it’s time to let it go.

The fiddler you must pay.

You dance with who they tell you to.

Or you best be on your way.

Dennis Mantin

The Discontented

The cold and cool of winter, tis the season of the discontented.

Should be grateful for this time but those feelings are sold or rented.

Not much here to look at, no not us… we can’t boast.

The suns still rising in the east, and looking messy on the coast.

Change is coming at the top, they are preparing the great meal.

For every winner there’s a loser and they are shouting about a steal.

In the north here we stay quiet with just a side of nevermind.

With one eye on the tele, and the valley of the blind.

I’ve been trying to find the writer cause I don’t see the script.

The rules are out the window and democracy has been flipped.

Maybe there’s no endgame, a plot twist to be sure.

When fear is the entertainment then the goals are sick and pure.

When power is the weapon. When the monster has to feed.

It’s simple not mysterious… turn the page… see the greed.

Dennis Mantin

That Thing

I have that thing going on…

That feeling where I can find whatever excuse I need to fail.

It has a need… This Thing.

A need to live and breathe and thrive!

What the therapist’s refers to as… Intergenerational Transmission of Family Dysfunction.

Awareness is the key I’ve been told and I am seeped in Awareness NOW.

I will break this chain for me and mine.

Dennis Mantin

About That Thing I Said…

I said I would love you forever.

I was young and terribly shy.

Gave you credit for being clever.

Didn’t know how to say goodbye.

Was over before it started.

It’s just the way it was.

Don’t need to be so broken hearted.

Sometimes it’s just because.

I didn’t really know about love

Just kinda thought I did.

Only when push comes to shove.

Fight or flight? I ran and hid.

Dennis Mantin


It has been said that WHY is a child’s question…

There can be some truth to this I guess however lately I’ve been wondering about something and I am far from the young inquisitive mind…

WHY are so many of us so interested in not embracing this experience of this life and humanity on this planet earth as being unique in the universe?

Dennis Mantin

That Smile

A beautiful stranger smiled at me and I immediately got suspicious…

I looked over my shoulder to see who else it could be that she was looking at while simultaneously checking with my right hand to see if my wallet were still in place.

I walked away not daring to look back… the moment was gone and at the very least; one of us was exposed.

Dennis Mantin


Twelve months until Christmas were beginning to shop.

The candles are burning at both ends and can’t stop.

It’s charging to Amazon no need to leave home.

The virus still spreading, we’re safe in our dome.

The weather’s so cold at the start of this year.

The delivery van froze up bringing whiskey and beer.

It’s delusions and rumors and my mind playing tricks.

I think it’s time we give thanks to that service Netflix.

Dennis Mantin


I saw a painting of lovers and I had to look away.

Not for fear of wanting or I something I might say.

It’s just I don’t believe it and I know that that’s not good.

Believed it when I was younger the little I understood.

It’s just I’ve never seen anything that could last.

I have heard some stories about myths from an ancient past.

Dennis Mantin

Quiet New Years Day

It’s quiet at the beginning but beneath there’s a stir.

The tongues will soon be wagging like my dog that is a cur.

There’ll be growling, and some barking, a posture meant as mean.

Some stare downs, some avoidance and all glances in between.

But for now all is quiet, so enjoy it while you can.

I’m almost out of bed my friend and I’m working on a plan.

Dennis Mantin