Year of the Plague

It’s here and it lingers…

The last lap, the final leg.

No movies, no singers.

The year of the Plague.

The writers have noticed.

They’ve been driven inside.

Their thoughts and their pens.

Went along for the ride.

The artists are painting.

The complainers complain.

The adjusters adjusting.

The workers insane.

I live and I love.

It’s something to do.

In this year of the rat.

So good for so few.

Dennis Mantin

A Place

There is this place…WHERE? Somewhere inside me.

WHEN I go? Often.

And often I stay for maybe longer periods than I should. I don’t know.

WHY? For it’s just a feeling that gets me when I’m there. Inside my brain is where I think it is however it could be my heart.

I don’t really know WHO it is I see there. Maybe the past.

I know WHAT I feel when I am there and it is the comfort of a home sweet home.

I dare not say what I have found there for if I do I will be pissed on from Grand heights!

Dennis Mantin

The Arts Freedom

I could never envision the answer when they asked me…

“What do  you want to be when you grow up?”

Because I always associated that question with work…

After dropping out of high school and working at menial jobs I realized I wanted to be an artist… Regardless of the fact that I processed no artistic talent.

So I became an artist.

Then I wanted to write.

So I became a writer and after some time I stopped worrying about whether there was an audience or not.

In this, the lost year of 2020; I have finished my first novel and have started my second. I am finally pleased with my paintings and have put in my 10,000 hours in both.

Dennis Mantin

Winter Solstice

It’s the eve of winter solstice.

The longest night will soon be here.

I don’t care about shorter days.

It’s the darkness that I fear.

Not as bad now as it once was.

I’m bald and mostly grey.

I’m also not as curious.

About those things that people say.

I find myself in wonder.

About God and things afar.

And if I have what it takes to change?

Or leave things as they are?

Dennis Mantin