The Rain

It’s raining in the valley.

Everything is getting wet.

Except her love for me, you see.

I tried but could not get.

It’s raining in the highlands.

I’m thinking in old song.

Even babies raised by wolves.

Know when they don’t belong.

The rains a distant memory.

Thinking about traveling to the coast.

I live sometimes just in my mind.

It’s the rain I miss the most.

Dennis Mantin

Crazy Talk

I know what I have and I know what I don’t have.

When you have healthy children and peace of mind and great personal health… really can there be any greater blessings?

The true benefits of surviving difficult insane relationships, is that any conflicts that come later on seem frivolous when compared to true crazy.

Dennis Mantin

The Number

I used to put the number of posts that I might write or paint at 1111.

However as I close in on this number of posts for this website, I see no reason to stop. I never imagined I would ever have that much to say or that I could reach that goal, which I probably why I chose it.

It started out as ego to show how clever I was and that has morphed into keeping a record of sorts for my daughter so that when she is older… When perhaps what I was thinking or dealing with, might be of importance for her.

Lately, I have come to the conclusion that this might be nothing more than a method for me to order my mind and thoughts… either way the number now is an unknown; short of infinite that only time will tell.

Dennis Mantin

The Clichè

Things are usually more complicated than a simple clichè.

Choosing an ideology wholeheartedly without proper investigation seems insincere at best.

I feel that way about atheists…

Such a thing to believe in nothing.

Seems empty to me.

I cannot wrap my thoughts around the existence of life without a God or Higher Power.

Dennis Mantin