The Dancer

She said she was a dancer but she doesn’t dance no more.

It seemed like all the light and good was locked behind some door.

She reminds me of my mother, who all said she could sing.

Except I never heard that voice and no coaxing could it bring.

I sometimes watch my daughter and that light that’s in her eyes.

I will fight with all I have to keep her spirits on the rise.

It’s can’t all be sunshine, in the darkness we have dreams.

And that’s the fire we need to stoke or it all busts at the seams.

Dennis Mantin

Toilet Paper

This might be considered by some to be taking too heavy a shot at low hanging fruit, however, to the woman in Australia who put the last 21 packages of toilet paper at the Woolworths she was shopping at, in her cart… “You probably have larger issues than a pandemic. I hope you get the help you so desperately need and I have no doubt that some mental health professionals in your area will recognize your symptoms and offer their support.”

Fear manifests itself in many ways and neurosis and psychosis are in full expression worldwide.

This leaves ample opportunities for the more fortunate among our citizenry to help our less fortunate and fragile brothers and sisters.

Dennis Mantin

Another Day on Earth

Ducks and Swans are huddled together On the banks of Grenadier Pond seeking warmth waiting for the sun… It’s been a long night.

I managed 7 hours sleep in the comfort of comforters and pillows and woke rested; “Thank you God!”

The fears of the pandemic are rising forth, onwards and up and the world awaits leadership among rising costs of toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

Another day on planet earth has begun.

Dennis Mantin

The Commission

Someone has asked me to paint something on commission: which is the first time I’ve said yes to such a request.

This fear is apparently in the rearview!

I appreciate something new and the chance to fail is strangely uplifting.

To Quote Maya Angelou: You can’t use up creativity. The more you use the more you have.

Dennis Mantin