The Complaint

A long time friend says he finds my poetry/prose depressing and suggests I look to the future through a lens of greater positivity…

For the record Joe, I am not depressed or depressing and am not afraid to comment on the realities I see or have seen or experienced. I have learned to embrace humanity in all of its beauty and flaws.

If what I write about the human experience causes you distress than may I suggest that you stop reading my perspectives…

Dennis Mantin

2 thoughts on “The Complaint

  1. Joseph De Luca

    it was never my intention to imply You are depressed……and for that I apologize….I’am not perfect …….I feel depressed or maybe i should say Saddened …….and your right about standing alone and always been right !…… What else can you be when standing alone…….In my old age I’am beginning to see things a little clearer…..Breathe. Accept. LISTEN……your friend still…..joe

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