Public Figures

I hadn’t heard or seen this term before 2019 and now I see it so often that it feels made up…

Social media public Figure??

No criteria required!

Ability to stare into a phone camera is an apparent must.

Some nudity will enhance status!

I feel history will not be kind to the current crop of self identified public Figures…

Dennis Mantin

One thought on “Public Figures

  1. Joseph DeLuca

    A wise (perhaps brilliant) man and …I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction…..the world will have a generation of IDIOTS. I believe we are fast approaching that day……all this social media crap , texting , e-mails , twitter , etc. nobody visits or gets together for the God given gift of excising the vocal cords… know that great phrase at the end of a good conversation……( it’s been great talking with you and hope to see you soon ) well you can forget it… it’s just send me a text……that brilliant man was ALBERT EINSTEIN approx. 1920…..and you should ask……What did anybody know about technology in 1920 when the telephone had just been invented…..well people didn’t have to visit or leave their homes to have a conversation……and that brought us here…….
    Joseph De Luca “Platinum Award Winner” highest award in Real Estate Top Producer @ Sutton Group-Tower Realty Ltd. Cell: 416-520-7463 Office: 416-783-5000 Email: website:


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